Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Human Interest Story

A secret hidden in the deep waters of the Indian Ocean is finally bubbling to the surface. On Friday 14 March, 2008, searchers found part of the hull of the World War II German raider ship, the HSK Kormoran, some two and a half kilometres below the surface and 112 nautical miles off Steep Point, near Shark Bay. Then on Sunday 16 March, some 12 nautical miles away, they found the HMAS Sydney, the ship destroyed by the Kormoran on November 19, 1941, with the loss of all 645 crew.

The Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, confirmed, "I'm advised the HMAS Sydney was found some eight nautical miles from the scene of the principal battle site and at a depth of some 2,470 metres. I'm advised that the hull of the HMAS Sydney has been determined to be largely intact. The Australian Government hopes that the discovery brings some closure to the families of the 645 Australian defence force personnel who lost their lives bravely in this naval action in World War II.

"This will be a hard day for family members associated with the Sydney, this was over 65 years ago but pain and family loss, even at 65 years removed, is still pain, and very deep pain."

Someone who knows that pain is Bob Honour who was just four years old when his father Charles died on board the HMAS Sydney. "I'm so excited, I feel like I'm four years old again!" he beams. "It's just the most wonderful, wonderful news to think that eventually we can say it's all over."

The feeling for Mr Honour in the intervening years, though, has been one of annoyance. "Like you wouldn't believe. Because why did they put a 50 year code of silence on it? Because they wanted to keep it quiet. In 1991, why did they extend the code of silence for another 25 years? I feel that we've had some sort of victory now because we might know the end result before the 75 years' silence is up.

"We have lived in anger that this was not done 25 [or] 45 years ago."

Today emotions have changed though. And Mr Honour even remarks, "My wife keeps on saying she looks at me in the eyes and says 'take a deep breath!' My first dozen phone calls this morning, I went to water a little bit. I'm getting control now but it is terribly hard because I haven't known how my father died for 66 years."

The emotion is also to do with the rest of Mr Honour's family. "Mum has gone and my brother who was a year older than me has gone too. I've still got the telegram that Mum received from the War Department on the 26 of November. She was a young girl with two children and no money… we had to move back to Grandpa's house."

But now that there is a little more certainty about what happened to his family, Mr Honour wants the HMAS Sydney to stay just where it is. "Leave it absolutely alone," he confirms, "and make a huge memorial in the Canberra War Memorial and create a tomb for the Unknown Sailor, and make something special out of it."

There is already a major memorial in Geraldton to the Sydney and its crew, as Ian Carpenter, Mayor of Geraldton and Greenough points out.

And this is an event that has touched on many people. Callers phoned to share their excitement about the news and we also heard from Faye whose father was an Able Seaman on the Sydney. "I'm excited, it's quite momentous. My mother died three years after he died of a broken heart, she just couldn't handle it.

"There's an element of anger [too] because the Government could have done this a long, long time ago and they failed to do so. It's just extraordinary that it's now been found. My mother was seven months pregnant [at the time of the sinking]. It's also my daughter's birthday, so it's quite an extraordinary time for it to happen.

"I agree, it should be a war grave, it should be left, and I never wanted it to be raised, I just wanted it to be found."

It has been found.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A GAZEBO is a fancy little building that people get married in. But usually they are located at a park or a church. Casual people AMBLE threw the park so they can get excursive or to thank or even just for fun. DISPEL people is what i like to thank of it when I see people depressed or if they have a sad humor.
EMBELLISH the park and fix all the playgrounds up and rebuild a whole new playground, and when i get back in a couple of weeks all the AFTERMATH better be cleaned up and spotless said the mayor. fortunately the construction workers got the job done so they were finished with all there work. The mayor was so happy to see his new playground at the park with a better looking gazebo, he payed the construction workers more then what i was suppose to. the the dispel people ambling around the new park was happy and no longer ambling around, they had a nice park to walk around.
Well that's my story hope you like it. The End.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Free write

I cant wait till Christmas, I'll be so happy when it comes. I can see myself opening up big presents, and having my girlfriend over. Christmas Eve has always been my favorite Holiday. I hope I get some pretty cool stuff for christmas.

Friday, November 7, 2008

write about any thing

Hey, my name is Trevor Snell. I want to tail about a time when I was a little boy. well it all started when my Dad, Gary, bought a 1992 chevy Ext. Cab pickup. It had a rebuilt 350 small block under the hood. It was super fast, it had a MGN transmission with a 3 speed and i over drive. It was standard by the way.
This was my first and very first pickup I had ever drove in my life. my dad showd my how to shift and clutch, and also how to use the brakes and gas. I loved it, he always told me that it would be mine when i turned 16. But he bought me a better truck.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween Conversity

I thank It shouldn't matter , because their are devil costumes out there and the devil is a lot worse then Hitler. But people get defended to easily i thank and i can see how they are.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Dude if i could be invisible, I would go anywhere i wanted to and never get caught doing anything. I would probably get in trouble doing that stuff but if i be careful i couldn't get caught. that would be tight if there is a such thing called a invisible cloak or blanket.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


This one time when I was going to go spend the weekend with my dad. We went to the farm to go hunting and about 3:30 am, me and dad ran in to a pack of hogs and we got them all. It was tight.